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About Me

My name is Jason. I'm a college Computer Science honors student and passionate programmer with a wide range of skills, and experience in both front end and back end web development, as well as high-level and low-level programming. My background includes many programming languages, concepts, frameworks and systems. I'm excited about making them all work together. My specialties are object oriented programming, database development, and network management. My future work will be centered around artificial intelligence and cognitive systems.

Previous Roles

Web Developer

Desktop Developer

Full-stack Developer

Database Administrator


Print Farm Controller

(Work in progress)

(Image coming soon)

GitHub Link

To date this is my most complex project. The main part of the project is a server that uses websockets to shuttle commands and information to and from a group of 3D printers. It also programmatically generates a web page so that a user can remotely monitor and issue commands to the entire cluster of 3D printers from a single interface. It is currently functional, but still a work in progress.

AI Car Driver

GitHub Link

This program uses a Convolutional Neural Network to drive a car in a video game. It is written in python and uses PyWin32 to handle OS interactions, OpenCV to handle imagery, TensorFlow to handle the neural network, and numpy to handle the copious amounts of data needed to create a functional model. A ten minute video summary of the project can be found here.

Binary Towers of Hanoi

GitHub Link

This program is a passion project that I created to see if I could implement an idea that I read about in this blog. It was created using JavaFX and it optimally solves the Towers of Hanoi puzzle by relating the disks to the counting of binary numbers.

Sierpinski triangle

This program, which is written in Java, generates a Sierpinski triangle of arbitrary complexity using recursion.

Java Wall Clock

This program is an animated wall clock created using JavaFX.

JavaFX Radix Sort

This is a program that performs a radix sort on a list of randomly generated numbers.

Random Quote Generator

This is a web page that pulls a random quote from forismatic.com using their public api.

Pomodoro Clock

This page has a pomodoro clock which was implemented using jquery.

Web Calculator

This is a web page of a simple calculator implemented using jquery.

Twitch User List

This page uses the Twitch API to get the status of a list of twitch users, the functionality was implemented using jquery.

Wikipedia Search

This is a web page that uses the Wikipedia API and AJAX calls to perform a search either randomly or using a search box, the functionality was implemented with jquery.

I also developed and maintained a vehicle repair/maintenance database that was used at a local business for five years to manage a fleet of almost 100 large vehicles, collectively worth around 30 million dollars. I dont have the intellectual property rights to this one. Sorry, no thumbnail or source code.

This website is another example of my work. It was coded from scratch using bootstrap and jquery


Below are the languages and technologies that I am learning now and using regularly. I also have a working knowledge of several others, including Python 2 & 3, Java, C#, Ruby, Swift 4, and SQL. Furthermore, I have relevant experience in various operating systems, IDE's, and frameworks; these include LINUX, Microsoft Visual Studio, React, Git, Django, NodeJS, SQL Server, MongoDB, and JavaFX. In addition, I have some basic networking experience, have previously developed Alexa skills using Lambda functions, and have some experience with the IBM Watson API.

Visual Basic